Micro-massage Slimming Undergarment & Pants


A pioneer in slimming aids, LANAFORM® is constantly developing new products that will help you achieve your dream silhouette and younger-looking skin. 

Reshape you Tummy, Hip and Thighs

naturally within 8 weeks!

Micro-massage Garment!      Clinically Proven!

Cosmetex Leggings

Target Hips and legs.

Ideal for losing weight, Cosmetex Leggings from Lanaform also help combat cellulite on the bottom, thighs and hips.

Mass & Slim 

Target Full Tummy, Hips and Full thighs.

An excellent garment accessory for weight loss, Mass & Slim Leggings from Lanaform effectively help to combat cellulite and that unpleasant orange peel effect on your bottom, thighs and hips.


Secret Slim Gridle

Target Full Tummy, Hips and Upper Thighs.

Highly effective for  slimming  the  hips  and  thighs Secret Slim  from  Lanaform  are  slimming  and  firming shorts  that  combat  cellulite.