Cosmetex Slimming Leggings




Target Lower Tummy, Hips and Full thighs and legs

Ideal for losing weight, Cosmetex Leggings from Lanaform. 

Also help combat cellulite on the bottom, thighs and hips.

Price: $89.90


Made with intelligent fibre with ceramic crystals and millions of microcapsules using new active cosmetic principles, Cosmetex leggings have an instant, durable effect. They’ll help you lose inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite, while their second skin effect will give you a unique feeling of freedom.

  • Direct action through microcapsules
    A fat-burning, firming compound that uses caffeine and extract of Forskolin in the microcapsules to combat the appearance of cellulite. 

    The natural movements of the body create friction that breaks down the microcapsules. These gradually release the active cosmetic ingredients, which are absorbed and act directly on the skin. 

    Effectiveness is guaranteed for up to 30 washes and replacement microcapsule packs are available.
  • Long-term results thanks to smart fibres
    Reduces the appearance of cellulite and creates more elastic, smoother, younger-looking skin thanks to the interaction between the bio-ceramic crystals and the skin. 

    The heat produced by the body is absorbed and transformed by the bio-ceramic crystals, which release it in the form of infrared radiation. This increases the local skin temperature along with blood flow and lymphatic circulation, forcing the body to eliminate fat cells more effectively. 

    What’s more, thanks to the natural properties of the bio-ceramic crystals, the leggings continue to work after they’ve been washed – without losing any of their slimming power!
  • Cosmetex leggings are also an opaque, seamless fabric that looks good enough to wear every day, without the need to cover up.
  • Proven efficacy! 
  • Hip circumference: – 3.5 cm* 
  • Thigh measurement: – 2.8 cm*
  • Clinical tests carried out on 25 women over 28 days show that 93% of women find the slimming leggings comfortable and 85% that they have softer skin as a result. Nearly three out of four say that their skin is smoother and that they would wear the leggings as an everyday item of clothing. 

* Maximum loss (cm) observed after a clinical study carried out on 25 women aged over 25 wearing the product for 8 hours over 28 days.How to use:

  • Wear the slimming leggings every day for 8 hours for at least 28 days


  • Technology
bio-ceramic crystals and microcapsules 
  • Machine washable
  • Material
94% polyamide – 6% elastane
  • Colours available
  • Product dimensions (cm)
  • Available sizes
  • Weight (kg)


Measure your hip in inches:

  • S (34/36)
  • M (38/40)
  • L (42/44)
  • XL (46/48)